"Arrivals Board" GRIDDLE


banana nut pancakes - 11.95

filled & topped with bananas & walnuts

turtle pancakes - 11.95

filled & topped with chocolate chips & pecans, topped with caramel sauce

Nutella pancakes - 11.95

buttermilk pancakes topped with bananas, strawberries & Nutella hazelnut spread

reese's pancakes - 12.95

baked with bananas & topped with reese’s peanut butter cup pieces, and bananas, drizzled with caramel & chocolate sauce

brownie pancakes - 14.95

our pancakes baked with chocolate chips & pecans, topped with a warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauce

strawberry cheesecake pancakes - 12.95

our pancakes baked with chunks of cheesecake & topped with strawberries & drizzled with vanilla sauce

apple pie pancakes - 11.95

baked with walnuts and raisins & topped with warm baked apple cinnamon compote & graham crumble

Greek yogurt pancakes - 11.95

buttermilk pancakes topped with Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries & drizzled with honey

ricotta lemon poppy seed pancakes - 11.95

raspberry compote, sliced strawberries, and sour cream, drizzled with honey & dusted with powdered sugar

7-grain pancakes - 11.95

with crunchy granola, walnuts & raisins finished with honey & powdered sugar

chocolate chip pancakes - 11.95

buttermilk pancakes filled & topped with chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce & dusted with powder sugar


croque monsieur French toast stack - 12.95

sofitel raisin French toast, layered with ham, Swiss cheese and topped with a sunny fried egg

honey crunchberry French toast - 11.95

topped with fresh berries, pecans, crunchy granola & honey

French toast sandwich - 12.95

stuffed with peanut butter & banana, topped with fresh berries & graham cracker, drizzled with honey

monte cristo French toast - 12.95

bacon, ham, two scrambled eggs & melted Swiss cheese between two pieces of French toast, dusted with powder sugar & served with strawberry preserves


fruity pebbles waffle - 14.95

baked with fruity pebbles cereal, topped with vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce & raspberry sauce

oreo cookie waffle - 14.95

baked with oreo cookies crumbles & topped with vanilla ice cream, more oreo cookies & chocolate sauce

waffle - 11.95

topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, walnuts & dusted with powder sugar

fried chicken & waffles benedict - 14.95

our waffle topped with fried chicken tenders, two poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce

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